9/14/2016 - Darien Police website adds “Resources Toolbox”



Date:               September 14, 2016

Re:                   Darien Police Website “Resources Toolbox”

Issued by:       Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.




Darien, CT- Too often, parents, spouses, friends, and caregivers find themselves confronted with issues they may be ill-equipped to deal with.  While the opioid crisis is certainly among the most frightening – and certainly among the most dangerous – other issues, such as bullying, suicide, and dating violence, can leave persons looking for resources.  We understand that persons may be hesitant to publicly reach out for assistance.  To that end, the Darien Police Department has attached a ‘Resources Toolbox’ to our website,  The Toolbox can be accessed by simply clicking on the ‘Services’ tab at the upper right of the homepage and selecting the ‘Resources Toolbox’ tab.  Here you will find links to a host of resources that we hope can assist in navigating what can be treacherous terrain. 


One of the most promising new additions to this list of resources is a letter introducing Saved from Addiction, Inc., a new course of therapy that includes the Probuphine Implant for those struggling with opioid addiction as well as proven programs of treatment for a host of substance abuse issues, including alcohol.  The Darien Police Department is hopeful that this Toolbox can be useful; persons should feel free to contact us should they have thoughts on how to improve this Toolbox.