11/23/2016 - PRESS RELEASE: Update on Suspicious Person Incident near Darien High School


Date:                    November 23, 2016

Re:                         Update on Suspicious Person Incident               

Issued by:           Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.



For Immediate Release


Darien, CT – On November 17, 2016 at approximately 8:30 am, the Darien Police Department received a report of a white male dressed in full camouflage in the woods within close proximity to Darien High School.  Based on the report, the Darien High School and nearby nursery schools were alerted and took precautionary measures until the Darien Police determined that there wasn’t a danger.  Officers remained in the area for the next several hours.

During a search of the area, officers discovered two tree stands and a deer bait station used for hunting. The stands and the bait station were located approximately 30 feet west of the property line of a Middlesex Rd. residence.  This particular area is a very small wooded area that backs up to the property of the Darien High School. The homeowner of the Middlesex Rd. residence indicated that he had not given anyone permission to use the property to hunt deer. It was later determined that this area of the woods was owned by the Town of Darien. 

Officers then contacted the Town of Darien Department of Public Works who responded and removed the two tree stands and bait station. The property was brought back and secured at the Darien Police Department.

At approximately 12:30 pm, the same day, officers identified the “suspicious person” as a local hunter.  The hunter, Andrew Ham of Wilton, CT, stated that he believed the area he was hunting was an area he had authorization to be in.  Ham, who possessed a valid hunting license, stated that he had set up three tree stands in the woods and bow hunts for deer.  Ham stated that he left the woods around 0830 hours that morning.

Ham explained that he has a long standing verbal agreement with a local property owner who he believed owned the land he was hunting.  Since written permission is required to hunt on the property in question and the fact Ham was unable to produce any documentation indicating such, Ham was issued an infraction for Simple Trespass.

The complainant, the administration of Darien High School, and the United Methodist Preschool were advised that the situation has been resolved.