2/7/2017 - PRESS RELEASE: Darien Police Officers Receive Award from Drug Enforcement Administration

Date:                    February 7, 2017 

Re:                         Darien Police Officers Receive Award from Drug

                               Enforcement Administration               

Issued by:           Captain Ray Osborne





GS Brian Malagrida, DEA and Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron, Darien Police Dept.


For Immediate Release


Darien, CT - In early October 2015, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bridgeport Resident Office, in conjunction with the Stamford Police Department (SPD), Norwalk Police Department (NPD), Darien Police Department (DPD), and Trumbull Police Department (TPD), initiated an investigation into several heroin overdoses that occurred in the above noted towns within Fairfield County, CT, and all within a one week time period.  Further, from the initial rash of overdoses, four were fatal.     


As a result, the DEA immediately began coordinating with members from the narcotics units in each of the above departments, and a multi-department task force was established.      

Members of the Stamford PD, Norwalk PD, Darien PD, and Trumbull PD began gathering intelligence and connecting that information from department to department.  After a short period of time a network of suppliers distributing kilogram quantities of Heroin from Bridgeport to Stamford and the greater Fairfield County area, were identified. 


Finally, after three months of an intensive and exhaustive investigation monitoring Title III cellular telephone intercepts, and because of the full support of the SPD, NPD, DPD, and TPD, 13 arrests were made, over $215,000.00 in total assets were seized, including six firearms, two vehicles, and drug seizures of over one kilogram of heroin and four kilograms of cocaine. 


On February 7, 2017, GS Brian Malagrida of the DEA Bridgeport Resident Office awarded Certificates of Appreciation to Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron and Ofc. Michael J. Cummings in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the success of the aforementioned investigation as they were designated as case specific deputized officers who contributed greatly to the overall success of this operation