11/15/2019 - Darien Man Arrested For Narcotic Sales & Weapons Charges:


For the past several months, members of the Darien Police Department’s Detective Bureau and Selective Enforcement Unit (SEU) have been conducting an extensive investigation into the distribution of narcotics at local establishments in the downtown area of Darien.

The suspect, Andrew Creamer, was identified as dealing cocaine to a large amount of people out of one of the local drinking establishments on Tokeneke Road. Creamer was investigated over a period of time, during which investigators confirmed his involvement in the distribution of narcotics. An arrest warrant charging Creamer with the possession and distribution of narcotics was obtained, as well as a search warrant for his residence.

On November 12th at approximately 2200hrs, members of the Detective Bureau and SEU executed both the arrest and search warrants at Creamer’s home. Creamer was taken into custody, and his residence searched. In Creamer’s bedroom investigators found a small quantity of cocaine as well as tools indicative of cocaine sales to include baggies, scales, and a cocaine press. Detectives also located approximately $16,000 in cash. Creamer informed officers that the cash was the proceeds from the sales of narcotics over a period of time. Also seized from Creamer’s room were a shotgun and two rifles that were found unloaded and unsecured on the floor of Creamer’s room. One of the rifles was later determined to be illegal based on its modifications. A large amount of unsecured ammunition for all three firearms was also seized, as well as numerous illegal high capacity magazines.

Creamer shared the home with several family members, to include two minor children ages 11 and 12.

Creamer was transported to headquarters where he was processed for the listed charges. He was held on a $200,000 bond and transported to Stamford Court the following morning.

The Darien Police takes seriously its commitment to keep our town drug-free. If you are aware of any narcotic activity, we ask your help by notifying us either by phone or via our online anonymous-tip portal. The portal can be found on our website under the “Services” tab.


Andrew H. Creamer
DOB: 9/8/1971
17R Old Farm Road
Darien, CT 06820


CGS 21a-278(a): Sale of Illegal Drugs (2 Counts)
CGS 21a-279(a): Possession of Narcotics (2 Counts)

Based on Warrant Execution
53a-202(c): Illegal Possession of Assault Weapon
21a-277(a): Possession of Narcotics with Intent to Sell
21a-279(a): Possession or Narcotics
53-21: Risk of Injury to a Minor (2 Counts)
21a-277(c): Operation of a Drug Factory
53-202: Possession of High Capacity Magazines