2/4/2020 - Advisory From Town of Darien Department of Public Works:





Please be advised that the Department of Public Works has hired a consultant to perform planned inspections of the sewage collection system in the area of town generally described as north of the I-95 and East of the Darien Train Station as shown in green on map to the right.  Work is scheduled to begin on February 10th and will continue through February 14th.  All work is scheduled for the overnight hours. 


You may see or hear activity in these areas.  There is no action required on your part.  No one will need access to your home nor property as part of this work.  All personnel will carry and produce identification upon request.  The Darien Police are aware of this nighttime activity. 


Please feel free to contact Anthony Campanella, of the Darien DPW at 203-656-7374 or should you have any questions.