5/18/2020 - DUI, Narcotics, and Firearm Arrest:


Incident: DUI/Narcotics

Incident #                                2020-006736

Blotter Date/Time                   05/18/2020 0042hrs

Location                                  Post Rd. // Quaker Ln.


Arrested:                                 Kevin Alvarez

                                                DOB: 12/10/1998

                                                166 Morningside Dr. Bridgeport, CT

Charges:                                  21a-277c: Operation of a Drug Factory

                                                21a-277a1a: Sale of Narcotics

                                                21a-278b1a: Sale of Controlled Substance

                                                53a-206: Dangerous Weapon while Under the Influence

                                                29-38: Weapons in a Motor Vehicle

                                                21a-257: Failure to keep Narcotic in Original Container

                                                14-227a: Operating a MV under the Influence

                                                14-215: Operating with a Suspended License/Registration

                                                14-230: Failure to Drive Right



Arrested:                                 Disy Medina

                                                DOB: 6/12/1996

                                                27 Avery St. Stamford, CT

Charges:                                  24a-267: Drug Paraphernalia

                                                21a-279a1: Possession of Controlled Substance

                                                21a-257: Failure to keep Narcotic in Original Container


     An officer on patrol observed a blue Mitsubishi Mirage traveling West on the Post Rd. and making a left turn onto Rings End Road. A short time later, the vehicle emerged from Rings End Rd, turning East on the Post Road. The officer followed the vehicle and observed it cross the center lane marker into the westbound lane. A motor vehicle stop was conducted on the Post Rd. near Quaker Ln. As the officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Kevin Alvarez, the strong odor of marijuana was detected. The officer observed two cases containing alcoholic beverages in the back seat of the vehicle. Further there was an open beer bottle in the cup holder in the center console. Alvarez was unable to produce a driver’s license, and a DMV check showed that his license was suspended. The officer then asked the passenger, later identified as Disy Median, if she had a driver’s license, which she did not. Both Alvarez and Medina were removed from the vehicle. Officers began an inventory of the vehicle prior to it being towed from the roadway. Located under the driver’s seat was a loaded 9mm Ruger handgun. In the rear seat officers located a backpack containing various narcotics and additional 9mm bullets. The narcotics would later be positively tested as 12.46 grams of cocaine, 31 ecstasy pills, 52 Xanax bars of varying colors, 6.3 grams of methamphetamine, and 20.03 grams of marijuana. Also in the backpack was a scale and a large amount of small baggies. In Medina’s purse officers located 2 Xanax bars and a small amount of Marijuana. A wallet with $1984 in cash was located in the driver’s door pocket. Alvarez was given standardized field sobriety testing, which he failed to complete to standard. Both Alvarez and Medina were placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. Alvarez admitted to consuming alcohol and narcotics earlier, but refused to submit to a urine test. Both Medina and Alvarez were processed for the above charges and held on a $50,000 and $150,000 respectively. Both were transported to Bridgeport court on May 18th.