6/3/2020 - A message from the Chief of Police:


June 1, 2020


While it may be a massive understatement, 2020 has certainly been a year of unexpected circumstances and events in our town, across our country and around the world.  Enduring months on end of a viral pandemic and managing the social distancing, stay at home requirements and business shutdowns has certainly taken a toll on most of us.  For all the life events that needed to be postponed or cancelled altogether, we all share a measure of sadness at the (hopefully temporary) loss of our “regular life.”  On top of all this, we have now had numerous tragic incidents across our nation where it is clear that many citizens are demanding systemic change.  Most of us have seen the videos from these recent incidents and are justly and rightly outraged. 


The Darien Police Department remains steadfast in our complete commitment to fair, balanced and reasonable law enforcement and public safety initiatives.  We stand for protecting the rights of all residents and guests of the Town of Darien that are guaranteed by both the State of Connecticut and United States Constitutions.  Anything less is not acceptable to the Administration of this Department, nor should it be acceptable to you.  Do we always get it exactly right? No, we don’t.  But when we are confronted with an issue, we identify the cause of it, we fix it, and we make it right if at all possible, even if it is difficult, time consuming or perhaps even embarrassing. I am proud that the Darien Police Department, your Darien Police Department, is made up of highly trained, well-educated and fully engaged professional public safety officers and staff.  Consistent and ongoing positive community involvement, engagement and commitment, established well before any issues arise, remains a hallmark of our agency.   


On Sunday, May 31, 2020, the clergy of our town organized a march through our downtown during the mid-day hours.  I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank each and every participant who remained peaceful and safe while engaging in their protected rights of both peaceable assembly and protest. This should be the model all other groups should look to emulate. 


Our nation has thousands upon thousands of professional police officers who do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.  For the vast majority, dedication to duty is not for fame or glory, but is simply the calling of a professional public servant.  Those officers operating outside of training, basic human decency and professional conduct are in the vast minority. I heard it said recently that “no one hates bad cops more than good cops.”  Hate has no place in policing but the overall sentiment is sound. We always strive to do our very best and I am exceedingly proud of the service that the officers of the Darien Police Department provide to our community each and every day.


       Donald B. Anderson

       Chief of Police