4/6/2021 - 2021 Darien Police Patrol Vehicles Have New Look:


As our 2021 replacement patrol cars are up-fitted and placed into service, you'll notice that our graphics package has received a face lift.  Our former and more simple "black and white" graphics has been in place for almost a decade and was originally designed for the Chevrolet Caprice model that the Patrol Division used to replace the Ford Crown Victoria which is no longer manufactured. The smaller Chevrolet presented several challenges for daily police work and the decision was made by the department to move to the SUV based Ford Police Interceptor Utility in 2013.  Although the vehicle platform changed at that time, the "Black and white" design remained.  Believing a fuller look was needed, changes to the new graphics on our 2021 patrol vehicles include the wording "Town of Darien" to replace just "Darien," and the color blue has been incorporated into the design to represent the longstanding color associated with the Town of Darien.   As our oldest vehicles are taken out of service, it is anticipated that over the next few years the entire patrol division fleet will be outfitted with the new look.  As the most visible arm of government, we look to maintain a professional appearing fleet.