11/11/2021 - Veteran's Day 2021
At 1111 hours this morning, please join me in pausing, recognizing and saluting our Darien Police Department Veterans, this the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2021. The national service of our staff, above self, is once again duly noted and celebrated here today. On behalf of the Police Department Administration, the Darien Police Commission and a grateful Town and Nation, we thank you.
Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson-United States Army
Sergeant Keri Magowan-United States Air Force
Officer Michael Cummings- United States Marines
Officer Stuart Schwengerer-United States Marines
Officer Daniel Gorton-United States Marines
Officer Edwin Vigil-United States Air Force
Officer Joseph Cusano-United States Navy
Officer Christian Fiscella-United States Army
Officer Matthew Ackerman-United States Navy
Officer Derek Laaser- United States Marines
PSAP/911 Telecommunicator Jacquelyn Hoyt-United States Marines
PSAP/911 Telecommunicator Marcela Alzate- United State Army- On current 2021 deployment with the United States Army 0142 Medical Company
With tremendous respect and gratitude to all who have served in the defense of our freedoms and on behalf of our great nation,
Donald Anderson
Chief of Police