3/30/2023 - Women Rape Aggression Defense Program


2023 Woman's Rape Aggression Defense Program


The Darien Police Department is looking to identify women (adults only) who would be interested in attending our FREE Women's Rape Aggression Defense Program (R.A.D.) hosted by the Darien Police Department and graciously sponsored by the Darien Domestic Abuse Council (D.D.A.C). Scheduled Dates: Monday June 19th, Wednesday June 21st, Monday June 26th and Wednesday June 28th


ABOUT R.A.D.: R.A.D. is a 12-hour course which provides female attendees with the basics of self-defense and situational awareness, as well as tools to prevent a sexual assault or kidnapping. This program is designed for the average person with no previous experience or background in physical skills training. This program will be taught by R.A.D. Certified Darien Police Officers and combines classroom discussion and physical technical skills. The skills learned will be demonstrated by students during a simulated "attack scenario". Our aim is to provide these lifesaving skills in the safest environment possible. 


Participants would be required to: 

  • Commit for the full 12-hour course (either once or twice a week for 3-hours at a time)
  • Provide other attendees with confidentiality, as personal topics may be discussed

For more information on the program, and to view a video of the simulated "attack scenario", visit the R.A.D. website:


 The R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense (