9/18/2023 - Traffic Advisory For Darien High School Open House:



“Traffic Advisory / Darien High School Open House 2023”


Due to the traditionally large turnout for the Darien High School Open House, the Darien Police Department advises that the following traffic regulations are being put into effect for the area surrounding Darien High School on Thursday September 21st starting at 6:30pm:


• All traffic will enter the High School grounds via Noroton Ave. Vehicular traffic will not be permitted to enter the area via High School Lane, Nutmeg Lane, Holly Lane, or Libby Lane. Officers will be present to direct all vehicles to appropriate and designated parking areas.


• All vehicles will be properly parked so as to facilitate and expedite the safe flow of vehicles at the conclusion of the event.


• Vehicles will be parked on both sides of Nutmeg Lane and High School Lane, as needed, facing away from Darien High School.


• Motorists are asked to pay particular attention to posted “No Parking” areas. Previous experiences have resulted in illegally parked vehicles blocking driveways or restricting access to emergency vehicles. Improperly parked vehicles causing restrictions of this type will be towed.


• As on-site parking is limited for an event of this type, all attendees are requested to carpool.


Expect heavy traffic delays and congestion due to the volume of traffic arriving to campus at the same time.



Thank you in advance for your cooperation.