10/24/2023 - NEWS RELEASE: Identity Theft Incidents Taking Place Through Credit Card Applications


Identity Theft /Credit Cards



Date:                October 24, 2023                   

 From:              Sergeant Dan Skoumbros

                        Public Information Officer

                        Darien Police Department

                        203.662.5384 /


        The Darien Police Department has recently taken numerous reports regarding credit cards opened fraudulently throughout Darien in the names of town residents. It is believed that there are many more victims that have not yet reported the fraudulent cards being opened.  If you are a victim of identity theft, we strongly encourage filing a police report.  We ask that you fill out our Identity Theft Complaint form located on our website prior to coming to the police station.      


Here are some tips for safeguarding your personal information.     


·         Safeguard your Social Security number, driver’s license and passport.

·         Do not share sensitive information over the phone, text, or email unless you have verified the identity of the person or authenticity of the organization.

·         Be cautious with emails and links.  Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments in suspicious or unsolicited emails. 

·          Review your bank and credit card statements regularly for unauthorized transactions.

·         Monitor your credit reports.  Obtain a free annual credit report and review for inaccuracies.