11/30/2023 - Darien Resident Dog License Information:

Date:                   November 30, 2023        


Re:                       Darien Resident Dog License Information


Issued by:           Captain Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.

                               Field services Bureau

                               Phone: 203-662-5313





Information From The Town of Darien Municipal Animal Control Officer:


All dogs require a license from the town that they reside in.  Licenses are obtained from the Town Clerks Office (Rm. 101) at the Darien Town Hall.

·         Licensing is required by state law. 

·         Licenses help get lost dogs home quickly.

·         Licenses help to make sure that dogs are up to date on their rabies vaccine.

·         License fees help underprivileged pet owners get their dogs spayed or neutered.

·         Unlicensed dog owners are subject to state fines.  If fined, the dog owner must still get a license or can be fined again.

·         The Town Clerk is open Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:15pm.

·         You can call the Town Clerks office at 203-656-7307 to make arrangements to mail in the application.

·         A rabies certificate is the only requirement for obtaining a license.

·         The license fee is $8.00 for a dog that is spayed or neutered. The fee is $19.00 for unsprayed or unneutered dogs.

·         Licenses must be renewed every June.


Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Holidays!