4/23/2024 - Darien Police Car Burglary Arrests 04.22.2024

Date:                  April 23, 2024                

 From:                 Lieutenant T.J. Whyte

                             Darien Police Department




Incident Type: Motor Vehicle Burglary

Incident #                                 2400004558

Blotter Date/Time                    04/22/2024 1628 hrs.

Location                                  150 Ledge Rd Darien CT 06820


Arrested:                                  Andres Camilo Aldana, D.O.B. 03/28/2006

                                                1520 123rd St. Apt. 2, Queens, NY  11356

Charges:                                  53a-103           Burglary, 3rd Degree, 2 Counts

53a-123           Larceny, 2nd Degree, 2 Counts

53a-48/53a-123 Conspiracy to Commit Larceny, 2nd Degree, 1 Count

53a-167a          Interfering with Officer, 1 Count


Arrested:                                  Manuel Ruiz, D.O.B. 08/06/1980

                                                2347 East Corporal Kennedy St., Queens, NY  11360

Charges:                                  53a-103           Burglary, 3rd Degree, 1 Count

53a-48/53a-103 Conspiracy to Commit Burglary, 3rd Degree, 1 Count

53a-106           Possession of Burglar Tools, 1 Count

53a-123           Larceny, 2nd Degree, 1 Count


Arrested:                                  Andrea Chirivi Sarmiento, D.O.B. 11/05/1980

                                                Address Unknown

Charges:                                  53a-167a          Interfering with Officer, 1 Count

14-147(a)         Falsify/License/Marker Plate, 1 Count

14-36(a)           Operating Motor Vehicle Without License, 1 Count

53a-102           Burglary, 2nd Degree, 2 Counts

53a-48/ 53a-124 Conspiracy to Commit Larceny, 3rd Degree, 1 Count

14-12(a)*         Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle, 1 Count

53a-124           Larceny, 3rd Degree, 1 Count


On the above date and time, Darien Police officers were dispatched to Whole Foods Market (150 Ledge Road, Darien) on the report of a possible motor vehicle burglary in progress. Officers were advised that a male subject was attempting to open vehicle doors located in the Whole Foods parking lot, after he had exited a black SUV. Officers quickly arrived on scene and located a male subject fitting the subject description. The subject, later identified as Andres Aldana, initially gave officers a false name and denied looking into or attempting to open any vehicles. Officers also observed a black SUV fitting the description of a vehicle possibly involved in the incident, operated by a female subject, later identified as Andrea Chirivi Sarmiento. Sarmiento denied any knowledge of the activity and originally gave officers a false name. Both Aldana and Sarmiento were detained by officers for further investigation.


Upon searching the black SUV, multiple stolen items were located within the vehicle. Further, officers located stolen proceeds from two earlier motor vehicle burglaries that had occurred at Trader Joe’s (436 Post Road, Darien) and Aux Delices (25 Old Kings Highway North, Darien). Aldana and Sarmiento were subsequently arrested on scene and transported to Darien Police Headquarters.


During the booking process, Darien officers received information regarding a third party, a male subject, possibly involved in this criminal activity who was reportedly in the downtown area. Once again, officers quickly arrived on scene and detained a male subject matching the suspect description and was later identified as Manuel Ruiz. Officers confirmed that Ruiz was involved in the motor vehicle burglary activity and he was subsequently arrested and transported to Darien Police Headquarters.


Through investigative efforts, because of timely notification by witnesses and prompt response by Darien Police personnel, it was determined that Aldana, Sarmiento and Ruiz were involved in multiple incidents of motor vehicle burglary and criminal activity. Upon being fingerprinted, Aldana and Sarmiento’s actual names were determined. All three subjects had previous criminal histories. All three subjects were processed for the above-listed charges and held on $100,000.00 bonds.


All three subjects did not post bond and were transported to Stamford Superior Court (GA-01) on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.







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