8/11/2016 - Advisory: Construction Site Security

Darien Police Department



Date:               August 11, 2016

 Re:                  Construction Site Thefts

Issued by:        Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.



Advisory: Construction Site Security

Darien, CT – In recent weeks this agency has received reports of burglaries occurring at homes under various stages of construction.  This is not uncommon for our area and often occurs during the overnight.  Items such as newly installed kitchen appliances, copper gutters, power tools, and construction supplies have been stolen from sites often sustaining tens of thousands of dollars in losses. 

Homeowners and contractors should be aware that certain measures can be taken to minimize the chance of being victimized.  First and foremost, when taking delivery of items, they should be very securely stored or the contractor should consider security services until such time that the items can be installed and or secured from theft.  The following six tips can help maintain a secure site:

1.      Post warning signs to keep unauthorized persons off the site

2.      Consider video monitoring

3.      Do not leave tools, equipment, or supplies visible or accessible

4.      Use only high-quality locks—never leave keys in locks, or leave locks in an open position

5.      Keep neighbors informed

6.    Provide for nighttime lighting


            Please report theft or burglary immediately to the Darien Police Department at 203-662-5300.