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12/1/2015 - LOCK IT or LEAVE IT, The Darien Police Department Firearms Safety and Disposal Program

DARIEN, CT  When it comes to having a firearm in your home, the Darien Police Department recommends that you Lock it or Leave it.

The Department is committed to ensuring that firearms in the home are properly secured and that residents are provided with a way to dispose of unwanted firearms.  The Department has always assisted residents seeking to dispose of an unwanted firearm. 

As a public service to the residents of Darien, free gun locks are available at Police Headquarters 24 hours a day.  If you possess a firearm, it should be kept safe and properly secured at all times. Failure to properly secure a firearm where a minor may access it is a violation of Connecticut state law and can result in arrest.  So if you keep a firearm in your home – lock it!

Residents who own an unwanted firearm can leave it with the Darien Police Department.    Disposal of a firearm may be accomplished by either dropping it off at Darien Police Headquarters, 25 Hecker Avenue, or by calling the Police Department Detective Bureau at 203-662-5330 and making arrangements to have the firearm(s) picked up by an officer.  The police officer will give the resident a receipt with a case number that documents that the firearm was relinquished. The weapon will then be destroyed. There is no cost to the resident.

Please be aware that Connecticut law generally requires a person to have a valid Connecticut Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers to transport a handgun in a vehicle.  If you don’t have a permit, or you are unsure, please call the Detective Division at 203-662-5330 to have your questions answered.  Again, if you wish, an officer will come to your home or business to pick up the firearm.  If you do wish to drop off a firearm for disposal, once you arrive at Police Headquarters leave the firearm in your vehicle, enter the lobby and advise an officer in the Communications Center that you have a weapon in your vehicle you wish to dispose of.  An officer will then retrieve the firearm from your vehicle.   

The Police Department has found that firearms that are handed down or no longer have any value to the owner oftentimes pose a hazard because they may be improperly stored, misused or stolen. Turning in an unwanted gun to the Darien Police Department is a good solution.  Remember to “Lock It Or Leave It!”

For more information, call the Darien Police Department Detective Bureau (203) 662-5330.  Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe!