Press Releases

11/6/2015 - Chief of Police Releases Statement Regarding Racial Profiling

From The Office of The Chief of Police:

“Today, the Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project released an initial report totaling almost five hundred pages. This initial report, with data collected from every Connecticut community and the State Police, represents a compilation of raw data relating to 360,000 traffic stops occurring statewide over an eight month period. As stated in the Executive Summary found at the front of the report, this data is in no way dispositive of a particular problem or a lack thereof. A supplemental report expected in 2015 will include professional analysis using valid statistical measures and models from which some educated conclusions may be drawn. It is wholly irresponsible to view or report on this data in a manner the report itself cautions against.

Connecticut should be applauded and viewed as a leader in taking steps to ensure public confidence in law enforcement. Transparency is essential to establishing and maintaining that confidence. To that end, the Darien Police Department works hard to make sure that all persons we have contact with are treated fairly and professionally – there’s simply no other way it should be done. Here in lower Fairfield County we are fortunate live and work in a vibrant and diverse region. Our heavily traveled local roads allow all persons to go about their business and enjoy all that this area has to offer, just as it should be.”